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Today Programme

Charles Clarke was interviewed on the Today programme about examinations and 'grade inflation'. Click here to listen to the interview.

Final Westminster Faith Debate

Rowan Williams, Tony Blair and Charles Moore formed the panel for the seventh Westminster Faith Debate, chaired by Charles Clarke and...

'A New Asia?' Conference

Charles Clarke participated in a Conference to address the political, economic and social landscape of modern East Asia. The conference,...

The Value of Educational Research

Charles Clarke wrote for the International Journal for Lesson and Learning Studies, Issue 3, 2012:

Institute of Cultural Diplomacy, Berlin

Charles Clarke presented a session entitled "Reducing Economic Inequalities by the Expansion of Educational Capacities and Opportunities"...

Joe Nye Dinner on Europe

Charles Clarke participated in a dinner organised by the European Council on Foreign Relations, which was addressed by Joe Nye,...

Alexandria Trust in Cairo

Charles Clarke participated in a Planning Workshop in Cairo to establish a new Arab Journal of Higher Education. At the opening session...

BBC Today Programme

Charles Clarke was interviewed about the Westminster Faith Debates at 08:50am on the BBC's Today Programme. Click here for further details.

BBC Daily Politics

Charles Clarke was studio guest on this edition of the Daily Politics. Click here to watch the programme.

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