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The future of higher education: in conversation with Charles Clarke

In his 2020 book, The University Challenge: Changing Universities in a Changing World, former Secretary of State for Education and Skills Charles Clarke argues universities play a valuable role as engines of progress – but they need to change if they are to continue to perform that role effectively and secure their place in the world.

At a time when there are growing concerns that the higher education sector is on an unsustainable path, with many institutions under financial strain caused by the declining value of domestic tuition fees and lower overseas recruitment, Charles Clarke joined Professor Shitij Kapur, Vice-Chancellor & President of King’s College London, and Professor Bobby Duffy, Director of the King's Policy Institute, to discuss what exactly needs to change and where the sector should go next.

This event was part of the King’s Policy Institute’s Future of Higher Education programme, which began with a discussion of Professor Kapur’s recent paper, UK Universities: from a Triangle of Sadness to a Brighter Future, and features new research and expert analysis on the big challenges facing universities and any incoming government who will need to find new ways forward.

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