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Statement on Alastair Campbell's Expulsion

I was not aware that Alastair had voted Liberal Democrat in the European election until I heard him say so on television on Sunday evening.

His expulsion from Labour Party membership is a disgrace and only compounds Labour’s current political difficulties.

I also voted Liberal Democrat. This was a one-off decision because of the hopeless incoherence of Labour’s position, particularly that of Jeremy Corbyn, on BREXIT.

I have been a Labour Party member for 47 years and have never before voted anything but Labour. I was Chair of the Labour Party in 2001-2.

I have consistently argued against those who, often in understandable despair at the Labour leadership's abandonment of Labour’s fundamental values, have either resigned from the Labour Party or joined another party.

And I shall be voting for Labour’s excellent MP for Cambridge, Daniel Zeichner, in the next General Election whenever it comes.

Labour should immediately withdraw its expulsion of Alastair.

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