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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – an event from the Centre for Geopolitics

The University’s Centre for Geopolitics has convened an expert panel in Cambridge today for an emergency event to discuss the ramifications of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


  • Prof Brendan Simms (chair), Director of the Centre for Geopolitics

  • Charles Clarke, Former Home Secretary and Co-Founder of the Baltic Geopolitics Programme at Cambridge

  • Dr Rory Finnin, Associate Professor of Ukrainian Studies, University of Cambridge

  • Prof Jonathan Haslam, Emeritus Professor of the History of International Relations at Cambridge and author of the blog

  • Bridget Kendall, Master of Peterhouse and former BBC Diplomatic Correspondent

  • Iuliia Osmolovska, chairwoman of Transatlantic Dialogue Center, executive director of Eastern Europe Security Institute, former senior Ukrainian diplomat (by video-link)

  • Edward Stringer, Air Marshal, Director-General UK Defence Academy

  • Svitlana Zalishchuk Foreign Policy Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine on European Integration (by video-link)

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