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Facing Up to the University Challenge - Managing Financial Stress & Restructuring in HE

Rt Hon Charles Clarke, co author, The University Challenge – former Education Secretary

Managing Financial Stress & Restructuring in Higher Education - shared advice for Governors and Senior University Managers

This programme takes participants through an informed discussion with a panel of experts to explore questions governors and senior university managers should be asking:

- about the financial resilience of their institution

- about the modelling which has been done to protect students

- whether the stress testing has been accepted by their bank and other financial arrangements

- what range of restructuring options they have to ensure sustainable courses and funding going forward?

- how these choices are shaped by a vision for the institution and its role or by immediate events

- what liabilities governors and senior executives face and the parameters of their duties

The programme will help participants and viewers to understand how universities can be set up for the future to give them the maximum number of options to protect students and how to avoid a more serious failure.

What structures and strategies should finance, and legal teams provide a prudent board of governors and vice chancellors now to be ready to deal with any range of challenging futures?

A panel of experts pool their experience to examine the mechanisms in place, the stress tests, the risks, and the choices and processes to be prepared for financial stress and restructuring in HE.

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