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Charles Clarke Statement Following Radio 5 Live Interview

Charles Clarke was interviewed on the Emma Barnett Show on BBC Radio 5 live on Wednesday November 27th. The interview can be found here from 10.11 until 10.32.

He said that this General Election campaign can have only two possible outcomes:-

  • an outright win for the most reactionary Conservative party in living memory

  • a further hung parliament in which the option of a Conservative minority government would be undesirable and deeply unstable.

There will not be an outright Labour victory since Labour would need to win at least 40 of Scotland’s 59 seats, instead of its current 7.

He urged all Labour supporters to do whatever they can to prevent the Johnson Conservatives getting a majority in the next Parliament. He urged them to:-

  • vote Labour where Labour already has the MP, even though it may well mean holding your nose about the stances and conduct of Jeremy Corbyn.

  • vote for the Liberal Democrat in the 26 seats where the Liberal Democrats are the main challenger to the Conservatives, and Labour is not in a strong second place. These are:-

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