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Events | Center of Geopolitics

The Centre for Geopolitics hosts an exciting programme of termly events on Baltic history and politics. Invited speakers cover the entire Baltic Sea region and its relationship with the UK over the past half-millennium. Historians, politicians, and diplomats approach questions of the utmost importance from diverse perspectives. We also regularly co-sponsor events on relevant themes with partner universities, both virtually and in person.

Charles participating on most of the events below.

Events in 2023

20 Jul, Neutrality and the Baltic: History and future

19 Jul, Nuclear risk reduction in the Baltic Sea region

10 Jul, The Baltic Summer School 2023 - Gdańsk

21 Jun, Mannerheim, Marshal of Finland: A life in Geopolitics

13 Jun, What is solidarity? Reconstructing the meanings of the modern idea, with Dr Jacek Kołtan

15 May, Should the West fear a Russian defeat in Ukraine?

22 Mar, The Baltic Geopolitics Programme Symposium 2023

8 Mar, Ukraine and the Baltic: the past, the present and the future

20 Feb, Energy Security in the Baltic and Northern Europe

17-18 Feb, Munich Security Conference

16 Feb, Ross Allen in conversation with the Master of Trinity Hall: ‘Standing together: the UK and Estonia in 2023

Events in 2022

7 Dec, The geopolitics of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

5 Dec, Security and vulnerability of NATO's Northern flank

23 Nov, Who were the Baltic Germans and what is their legacy?

18 Nov, NATO Enlargement

14 Nov, The Baltics and Germany: Joint Roundtable with the Körber Stiftung

8 Nov, Scotland and the Baltic from the early modern period to the present day

2 Nov, Changing international alignments in Sweden, Denmark, and Finland

11 Oct, The security balance in the Baltic?

5 Oct, Warsaw Security Forum - European Security and the Baltic Sea: self-defence or collective defence?

20 Sep, The geopolitics of Kaliningrad

30 Jun, 'Tripwire' deterrence - and NATO's military posture in the Baltics

20 May, Best-seller to security threat.Uncovering the Holocaust in Lithuania

12 May, Three Seas Inititiative

4 May, British-Estonian geopolitical relationships, Tallinn

3 May, Britain & Finland

27 April, Ostseepolitik: new German defence strategies

26 April, Britain and the Great Divergence

19 April, A false choice? British naval power in the Baltic and Indo-Pacific

23 March, The Baltic contribution to the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991

16 March, From Spectator to Actor: Changing gear in EU foreign policy

25 February, Baltic Geopolitics Graduate Seminar

3 February, Military deployments by Baltic Sea countries

20 January, External influences in the Baltic State-building after the Great War

Events in 2021

9 December, Power Play: Challenges to NATO in the wider Baltic Sea region

26 October, Climate change and the geopolitics of nuclear power in the Baltic

21 October, German and the Baltic States: from the Middle Ages to the present

20 October, Belarus, the Baltic and Migration

5-6 October, What does ‘Global Britain' mean for the role of the UK and NATO in the Geopolitics of the Baltic Sea Region- Warsaw Security Forum

8-9 October, 'Gdańsk-Danzig-Gduńsk within the Baltic Borderlands'

7 July, The cultural politics and geopolitics of the borderlands; the case of Czeslaw Milosz

10 June, Russia, NATO and the Baltic: towards neighbourliness. Dmitri Trenin in conversation with Charles Clarke

25 May, Nord Stream 2 and the future of Baltic Energy Security

5 May, Britain and the Cold War Baltic (1945-1988)

10 March, The Baltic after Brexit?

26 January, 100 Years of Diplomatic Relations: Estonia and the United Kingdom

20 January, Baltic Programme Launch

Events in 2020


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